Comic 79 - The Dark Warlock

29th May 2019, 2:39 AM in GRIFFINS
The Dark Warlock
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CrosEL 29th May 2019, 2:39 AM edit delete
The introduction and death of a evil warlock.
He attempts to murder Tannery, but nearly is defeated until a quick chant incapacitates the paladin. Before he could deliver the finishing blow, though: Tannery feigned using the last of his mana on a powerful spell-then used a worse one to kill Alan in one strike..
But before he could go,, the corpse's auto-revival spell activates: the forbidden mana eats everything around it, almost consuming Tannery!!

Meanwhile, Aventurine wonders by in search of his BF: Bubbles, until he sees the sight! It charges one of it's blades and threw it into the skeleton, causing the forbidden magic to stop... Both Tannery and Aventurine wonders why the blade stopped it...