Comic 86 - Goal of the Artificial

15th Jun 2019, 2:38 AM in HOMUNCULUS
Goal of the Artificial
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CrosEL 30th Jun 2019, 4:39 PM edit delete
Koishi chases a sperm to a crowd of people, then lets it possess someone to kill it (and others) easily (and in sign of rebellion for being told what to do.)

Meanwhile, Selenity runs to tell Bellum about the threat, until she saw a homunculus going into the room with the carcass. She traps it, but this causes more to flood into the room. She contacts Tannery, and he immediately rushed to her room and uses a powerful spell to destroy them all at once... Back in the Future: The mages have found all the sperm and Ms Lyrica tells them all to stay still while she performs a penetrating-douse to see if any where left. At this point: Bubbles finds that VV was close to Shinji and that tannery likes her nickname for it.